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We are looking for Bosuns with seagoing experience on container vessels. Candidates should be competent in maintenance of deck and all relevant deck machinery and to be well familiar with all lashing equipment on board. Maintenance of mooring ropes and steel wires. Monitoring of all deck stores and assisting Chief Officer in preparation of requisitions for all consumables and spare parts. Ability to read and update cargo plan and checking lashing before departure. To be experienced in mooring and anchoring operations. Good organizational skills required and knowledge of all safety procedures relevant to work on deck, in enclosed space or working aloft. Readiness to assist Chief Officer at all times. Working language on board of all MSC vessels is English.

Documents required:

  • Passport
  • National seaman book
  • Basic Training
  • Watchkeeping Certificate
  • Environmental awareness
  • Security Duties
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats
  • Medical care certificate
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Leadership and Teamwork - Management Level
  • High Voltage Management Level
  • Biennial Visit
  • Yellow Fever vaccination
  • USA visa

Period of employment: 6 months  (+15 days, -30 days)
The MSC will pay all expenses to cover the traveling costs to embark and disembark ( when you comply with the contract )

! Our Advantage:

  • No any expenses for embarkation and further employment.
  • Regular payments without any delays.
  • No any additional meetings, trainings, tests,  examinations etc.
  • Employment up to 60 years and more.
  • Flight tickets to Your nearest home airport.
  • Large fleet which is constantly supplied with new vessels.

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