Chief Cook

Оклад от 1814 USD ( 1 CONTRACT) - 2500 USD (all next contracts)

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We arelooking for CHIEF COOK,  with seagoing experience on cargo or passenger vessels. Candidates should be ready to work in a mixedcrew - working language on board of all MSC vessels is English.
USA Visa iscompulsory for employment – in case of embarkation we will provide all necessarydocuments to assist in issuance of C1/D Visa.
Salary $ 1 814 ( 1 CONTRACT) - $ 2 500 (all next contracts)

Documents required: 

2. Police Clearance Certificate
3. COVID-19 test
4. Yellow fever
5. Basic Training
6. Security Duty
7. Security Awareness

Period of employment: 6 months  (+15 days, -30 days)
The MSC will pay all expenses to cover the traveling costs to embark and disembark ( when you comply with the contract )  

! Our Advantage:
No any expenses for embarkation and further employment.
Regular payments without any delays.
No any additional meetings, trainings, tests,  examinations etc.
Employment up to 60 years and more.
Flight tickets to Your nearest home airport.
Large fleet which is constantly supplied with new vessels.

Contact us :

Phone:      + 38 067 544 75 78
Email :