Currently the MSC Cruises supports, develops and encourages our cultural diversity onboard, that is the key factor of success and prosperity

The company understands that only due to the valuable human resources it is possible to remain afloat and grow. Thus, it treats all nationalities with dignity and respect, equally encouraging their performance and giving each crew member possibilities for personal growth. We expect all our crew members to follow this path.

Don’t miss the opportunity to open your horizons!
MSC Cruises sails throughout the
  • the Mediterranean Sea and offers a wide range of seasonal itineraries in Europe
  • the Canary Islands
  • the Atlantic Ocean the Caribbean and Antilles
  • the South America
  • the Dubai the Emirates and Oman
  • the Indian Ocean
  • China, Japan
  • South Africa
MSC Cruises has 19 state of the art ships in 5 different classes:

The Armonia Class with 4 ships

  • MSC Lirica
  • MSC Opera
  • MSC Armonia
  • MSC Sinfonia

The Musica Class with 4 ships

  • MSC Musica
  • MSC Orchestra
  • MSC Poesia
  • MSC Magnifica

The Fantasia Class with 4 ships:

  • MSC Fantasia
  • MSC Splendida
  • MSC Divina
  • MSC Preziosa

The Meraviglia Class with 3 ships:

  • MSC Meraviglia
  • MSC Bellissima
  • MSC Grandiosa
  • MSC Virtuosa (2020)

The Seaside Class with 2 ships:

  • MSC Seaside
  • MSC Seaview
  • MSC Seashore (2021)

Our cruise destinations

Still to come
  • Seaside Class — MSC Seaskape (2022)
  • Meraviglia Class — MSC Euribia (2023)
  • World Class — MSC World Europa + 3 new ships between 2022 and 2030
  • Luxury Class with 4 new ships between 2023 and 2026
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