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Today the MSC Cruises represents itself as an international, global company, which embraces the of branches in different corners of the world to offer various job positions to the international staff. Now the MSC cruise vessels are home for personal skills enrichment and development of the multinational crew members who share their invaluable knowledge and outstanding service, making the cruise experience of our guests unforgettable.

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Open positions

The Employment stages:

Application Form

Should be downloaded from the relevant branch of our website, filled up on a computer in English with the personal information, experience and the knowledge language and to be sent to our email:

First Screening

Can be organized by phone, Skype, Zoom or by personal visit in our office. A candidate will be asked to introduce himself, his experience and a desirable position he or she is applying for.

Check your English

Each candidate will be sent a link to proceed with the English test. At the end of the test, you should download a certificate and present to us on our email.

Interview session

Each candidate will be sent a link to proceed with the English test. At the end of the test, you should download a certificate and present to us on our email.

Your further employment processes:

After a successful interview session an applicant issues and sends to our email the documents. All the documents are prepared at the expense of a candidate. The documents are as follows:

Seamen certificates

Safety Familiarization, Basic training and Instruction for all Seafarers Security Related Training and Instruction for all Seafarers Crisis Management and Human Behavior Training Must be issued firstly in the relevant training center for the Seafarers, that complies with the necessary standards of the Maritime Convention.

Seamen book

To obtain a national Seaman book an applicant should provide the Diploma Passport Port Department with his Travel Passport, National Passport, Education Diploma, Photo 3,5 - 4.5 done on a white background, with a white shirt and a black tie, Maritime Certificates as well as the documents from the employer, which an applicant receives personally at our office.

Medical Examination

An applicant will be sent the medical forms from the employer to perform the medical examination in the licensed medical center. The information will be filled up by a doctor in English. Please note that the medical visit must be done only on the MSC forms!


Please note that full vaccination is mandatory for all crew onboard of MSC vessels and booster additional dose can be required as well. Furthermore, an information regarding the MMR Vaccination (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella) should be indicates on the MSC Peme-Reve forms in English provided by us. Additionally, all the crew members must be vaccinated against the Yellow Fever.

Get ready for a contract

After the preparation of all the documents a candidate receives the engagement proposal from the relevant corporate office and confirms embarkation date, vessel and signs a contact.


An applicant can be requested to issue a corresponding visa needed for embarkation in the port of a certain country. An applicant has to contact the embassy on his/her own, make an appointment and present the documents which he/she receives from the company. The visa expenses are refundable by the company by providing a receipt.


An applicant receives from our side the flight documents with embarkation information and detailed instructions with the forms to be signed.

Please note: the employment in our company is free of charge. A candidate has to cover just the expenses for his/her documents preparation.

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