Department Hotel-Guest Services

Accommodation - Shared

Contract duration - 7 months


Department Hotel-Guest Services

Accommodation - Shared

Contract duration - 7 months


Department Hotel-Guest Services

Accommodation - Shared

Contract duration - 7 months

Main Function

To operate the Front Office and Information facility.


Fluent in English, and knowledgeable in 3 additional languages between: German, Italian Spanish,Portuguese and French

Validated current documentation certifying the health and fitness of the applicant meets fundamental requirements of seagoing personnel.

Proven experience as an information receptionist on a multinational cruise ship, hotel or tourist complex.

High School graduate

Proven ability to operate this focal-point area with tact and diplomacy.

Demonstrated problem-solving skills.

Progressed experience in cash handling.

Proven ability with Guest Relations: able to communicate with all levels and ages of Guests.

Proven competence with microphone and public speaking.

Proven ability in the use of computers in a Windows-based environment (word, excel).


  • National Seaman's Book
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate including Swimming & Rowing
  • Security Awareness Training for all seafarers
  • Training of Passenger Ship Personnel
  • Medical certificate including Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Test
  • Vaccination certificates (Covid-19, Yellow fever, MMRV)

    Record all Guests complaints in the complaint register, following-up all complaints according to procedures.

    Understand the geography of the Ship to which you are assigned. Read the Deck Plans and remember the layout of the Ship.

    Attend training sessions related to the Fidelio and other relevant information systems.

    Understand and perform cash and credit card transaction, be responsible of a cash float.

    Provide information and general assistance to Guests, giving specific attention to the elderly, the very young, single, disabled and any ethnic minorities

    If required, operate the Room Service order service, taking telephoned orders from Guests, registering them to the Fidelio POS terminal at the Guest Service desk, and ensure the order is given quickly to Room Service personnel.

    Be prepared with answers for the most common questions relating to payment for services, directions, excursion bookings, dining reservations, times of activities etc.

    Offer information to Guests on general disembarking matters, including tipping, immigration, customs, transport, account payment, luggage labels etc

    Answer all Guests telephone inquiries and requests quickly and professionally.

    Provide a wake-up service for Guests as required.

    Assist with the check-in of Guests either ashore or on board, using the Fidelio system or manually in case of system failure.

    Welcome Guests on board, offering a quick and effective assistance and information service.

    Understanding the workload of bellboys, give requests for service for delivery, printing, Guests assistance etc. to the Bellboy department.

    Attend to Guests problems relating to lost baggage, safekeeping, requests for room changes etc.

    Translate announcements or notices into the required languages of Guests. Translation Daily program/ Daily Special when requested.

    Record the following on the appropriate standard forms, which are held at the Guest Service:
  • Lost and Found property
  • Guests Claims
  • Damage Form
  • Accidents on board
  • Requests for Cabin Changes
  • Break of Voyage
  • Maintain the Guest Service clean, tidy and in order.

    Remain standing at all times when speaking to or attending to Guests

    Never smoke, eat, drink, or chew gum while on duty.

    Never carry or use Mobile telephones while on duty.
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