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As MSC’s official manning agency in Ukraine we are looking for skilled seafarers meeting all required qualification levels to serve on board of the biggest container fleet in the world. Our employment process is free of charge and guarantees reliability and high quality solutions.

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Open positions

The Employment stages:

Application Form

The CV has to be sent on our email where a candidate indicates the position he is applying for, his professional experience, diplomas and maritime certificates, level of English language as well as the availability of a C1d Visa.

First Screening

CA candidate will be invited for an interview session by personal visit at our office or in Skype /Google Meet. Experience as well as technical and the soft skills will be considered during the session. Diplomas, certificates and the recommendation letters in English are welcome to be presented.

Interview session

Each candidate will be sent a link to proceed with the English test. At the end of the test, you should download a certificate and present to us on our email.

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