Accommodation - Shared use

Assigned Mess - Staff Messroom

Salary $1148

Contract duration - 7 months


Accommodation - Shared use

Assigned Mess - Staff Messroom

Salary $1148

Contract duration - 7 months


Accommodation - Shared use

Assigned Mess - Staff Messroom

Salary $1148

Contract duration - 7 months

Main Function

Special, personalized service for VIP Guests at all levels.


Document of High School graduation

Fluent in oral and written English (working & Safety language of the Company)

Ability to speak, read and write in Italian is a major benefit and may be a requirement.

Ability to speak, read and write in any major other languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese etc.) is considered a major advantage that could eventually influence the

selection for some positions.

A diploma or certificate of graduation from an internationally-certified Hotel or Restaurant school.

Demonstrated understanding of Restaurant Management, Dining reservations systems, and a flair for easy communication with all guests and personnel.

Ability to lead by example.

Ability to anticipate guest needs.

Ability to efficiently work under pressure and be gracious.

Ability to work in a Team.

Good knowledge of Company Sanitation requirements and rules.

All butlers and Junior Butlers must be physically well presented, not obese, of very smart appearance and perfectly groomed at all times.


  • National Seaman's Book
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate including Swimming & Rowing
  • Security Awareness Training for all seafarers
  • Training of Passenger Ship Personnel
  • Medical certificate including Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Test
  • Vaccination certificates (Covid-19, Yellow fever, MMRV)

  • Junior Butlers are required to possess characteristics particular to their positions. These include:
  • Excellent social and communication skills,

    Refined manners and etiquette

    Organizational and management skills

    Initiative, dependability, and good judgment

    Diplomacy, tact and discretion

    A good knowledge of wines, spirits and food

    Junior Butlers are to be physically fit and well presented, giving a very smart appearance and to be perfectly groomed at all times

  • Junior Butlers are to provide superb service to Guests as follows:
  • To greet Guests professionally with discreet courtesy in their language.

    To say goodbye to Guests

    To greet Guests returning for the second, third time or more, with their names. And where applicable, using their titles (Doctor, Captain, Mr. etc)

    To be discreet and low key at all times.

    To set up for any breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Topsail Lounge.

    To accompany Guests on excursions if requested

    To assist in preparing room service, delivery, table set up meal service.

    To assist in serving refreshments at any time during the day or night (depending on shift).

    To assist in serving food at breakfast, lunch and dinner

    To assist in serving wine, water, liquors and champagne at lunch and dinner

    To assist the Butler during a private party in a suite or MSC Yacht Club area.

    To understand the care and serving of cigars.

    To understand sanitation and Foodborne Illness – and how to avoid it.

    To avoid complaints, and if there is one, immediately inform the Butler or Head Butler

    To be stylish and give superb service to every Guest you are assigned to look after.

  • You are also required to perform a variety of manual duties, working under the supervision of a Butler. These duties include but are not limited to:
  • Cleaning of the Suite

    Cleaning and polishing silver

    Cleaning floors

    Cleaning Bathrooms

    Washing windows

    Generally taking part in or supervising the cleaning of suites and VIP lounges.

    Answering the phone for MSC Yacht Club guests

    Meeting and welcoming visitors, and announcing them to VIP Guests.

    Unpacking suitcases and hanging clothes in wardrobes for VIP guests

    Packing suitcases for Yacht Club Guests at the end of a cruise

    Laying out clothes for Guests

    Polishing shoes for Guests

    General valet duties (shoe and wardrobe care)

    Finding information for Guests (locations of restaurants ashore etc.)

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