Department Hotel-Guest Services - Reception

Accommodation - Shared

Contract duration - 7 months


Department Hotel-Guest Services - Reception

Accommodation - Shared

Contract duration - 7 months


Department Hotel-Guest Services - Reception

Accommodation - Shared

Contract duration - 7 months

Main Function

Operate the Front Office Reception and Information facility for Guests


  • The Information Office/Guest Services Desk (Therefore Including cashless operators) is the ‘front window’ of the ship, and the first point of contact with Guests.
  • Supervise and guide the Reception Team to ensure that all relations with guests achieve positive results and satisfaction.
  • The principal function of reception personnel is to receive Guests with a warm, friendly disposition, make them feel at ease, answer their questions, solve their problems immediately, or attend to their requests in a professional way.
  • You are one of our most important elements in winning our Guests enthusiasm to return to our ships.
  • Understand and perform cash and credit card transactions, be responsible of a cash float
  • Certificates

  • National Seaman's Book
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate including Swimming & Rowing
  • Security Awareness Training for all seafarers
  • Training of Passenger Ship Personnel
  • Medical certificate including Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Test
  • Vaccination certificates (Covid-19, Yellow fever, MMRV)

    Fluent in oral and written English (working & safety language of the Company)

    Ability to speak, read and write in Italian is a major benefit and may be a requirement.

    Ability to speak, read and write in any major other languages (german, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese, etc.) is considered a major advantage that could eventually influence the selection for some positions.

    Proven and documented experience as an information receptionist on a multinational cruise ship, hotel or tourist complex.

    Demonstrated problem-solving skills.

    Completion of training in Fidelio-based programs as used in conjunction with Reception facility.

    Proven ability with public relations.

    Able to communicate with all levels and ages of Guests.

    Proven competence with microphone and public speaking.

    Proven ability in the use of computers in a Windows-based environment (word, excel).

    If required by the Hotel Director, assemble Guests soon after embarkation in a group determined by their nationality and your specific language skill, to present a brief welcome talk about life on board.

    These talks may include subjects which include details on disembarkation, emergencies etc.

    Answer all Guest telephone inquiries and requests quickly and professionally, ensuring it never rings more than 3 times before answering

    Provide a wake-up service for Guests as required.

    If required, make announcements relating to any arrival or departure details, emergency or disembarkation information.

    Ensure any irregularities reported by housekeeping personnel are rectified before new Guests embark.

    Assist with the check-in of Guests either ashore or on board, using the Fidelio system or manually in case of system failure.

    Welcome Guests on board, offering a quick and effective assistance and information service.

    Attend the embarkation of Guests in the Customs Hall ashore to work with either the Frontier officials or MSC personnel to check documents as required and if permitted by Shoreside authorities.

    Register names and details (where required) of Guests eligible for special functions on board. These include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Honeymoon couples
  • MSC Club Members
  • Maintain the office in a clean and orderly condition at all times.

    Never smoke, eat, drink, or chew gum while on duty.

    Never carry or use Mobile telephones while on duty.
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