Accommodation - Shared use

Assigned Mess - Staff Mess

Salary $2551

Contract duration - 7 months


Accommodation - Shared use

Assigned Mess - Staff Mess

Salary $2551

Contract duration - 7 months


Accommodation - Shared use

Assigned Mess - Staff Mess

Salary $2551

Contract duration - 7 months

Main Function

Assistance and support to Systems Manager for the integrity and operation of the Fidelio/Otalio and/or other computerized systems and associated Information network.

Assist as required with the integrity of all network and stand-alone computers and Peripherals on board.


Essential language and level – Italian and English

Ability to communicate in other major European languages is an advantage.

Experience as an IT or Systems support manager, programmer, with experience in Fidelio Cruise or similar cashless transaction computer system. Prior experience with Fidelio Hotel is an advantage.

Documented ability in Computer Science or equivalent.

Detailed experience and knowledge of systems/programs incl. UNIX, Office 365, Windows (Server and Desktop), Apple IOS, troubleshooting and repairs of PC, Printers, and associated hardware.

High degree of efficiency to understand and work with the continual integrated information network used to control the on-board cashless system, based on the Fidelio Cruise / Otalio and Micros / Symphony management and reporting system.

High degree of efficiency in troubleshooting and on-site repairing of basic hardware (hard drives, network circuitry, and basic front-end peripherals.

Understanding of the hierarchical administrative structure of Cruise Ships.

Above average skills in tactful, problem handling, sound supervisory skills

Proven ability to work in a harmonious productive team environment.

Awareness of Cyber Security.

The shipboard computer systems encompass the following:

- Micros Register Network

- Point-of-sale onboard credit and guest tracking.

- PC network of Windows and related peripherals.

- Windows Server

- Proxy Systems

- E-Mail Server Systems

- Backups Systems

- Email server (MDaemon)

- Guest security systems

- Guest door lock systems

- Multimedia Kiosks

- Whole Wi-Fi network and equipments

- Info-Navigation Systems

- Fidelio Cruise and other proprietary software & systems

- Linux based Wi-Fi proxy systems.

- Satellite communications maintenance and operations


  • National Seaman's Book
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate including Swimming & Rowing
  • Security Awareness Training for all seafarers
  • Training of Passenger Ship Personnel
  • Medical certificate including Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Test
  • Vaccination certificates (Covid-19, Yellow fever, MMRV)

  • Ensure the shipboard computer systems are functional and operational.
  • Maintain and support the Back office PC’s used by all departments.
  • Assist with the day-to-day operation of all shipboard computers and peripherals on the network.
  • Take all instructed steps to ensure the integrity of a virus-free information environment. This involves where necessary the disabling of unauthorized drives (USB drives, Bluetooth, CD-ROM etc) and to provide information and data access to slave computers only via the approved network.
  • Where required by the Systems Manager, perform downloading and physical distribution of all files to personnel as required.
  • Support the integrity of all data, including (but not limited to) backing up of all files, Passenger lists, cash accounts).
  • Make upgrades or changes to software and programs as required by MSC-CM and advised by the Systems Manager.
  • Be available for all computer-related issues in all The Department.
  • Assist the Systems Manager at the end of each cruise with the final processing and packaging of all reports as required by MSC-CM.
  • Monitor the correct data network routings on board and ashore (in terminals).
  • With the Systems Manager, oversee the receipt and integrity of pay-ins from Shipboard revenue areas (bars, salons, photographic services, excursions etc)
  • Assist the IT Systems Manager in discharging the responsibilities of Ship Cyber Security Officer role.
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