Accommodation - SHARED

Contract duration - 7 months



Accommodation - SHARED

Contract duration - 7 months



Accommodation - SHARED

Contract duration - 7 months

Main Function

The safe, profitable and efficient beverage service in an assigned bar area. Follow and apply food safety procedures.

This position is referring to the first contract person or Crew that needs to further improve their technical skills to comply with the Company standards.

1. The Junior Cocktail Waiter/Waitress is responsible for serving beverages in an assigned bar profitably & efficiently, in full compliance with Food safety & sanitation standards, and providing an enjoyable environment for Guests.

2. The Junior Cocktail Waiter/Waitress is to provide and maintain quality service through creative and energetic salesmanship to achieve the maximum revenue for the company.


Take part as required in all emergency drills and emergency duties.

Wear the prescribed uniform and name badge.

Essential language and level – Italian and English.

Ability to communicate in German, French and any language which may be required depending on the itinerary of the ship.

Good knowledge of Portuguese is essential for ships in South America.

At least one year in a similar position on an international Cruise ship or in a busy 4-5-star hotel with an international bar list.

High school graduate.

Certified medically and physically fit and acceptable to work with food and food-contact surfaces.

Demonstrated understanding and practical knowledge of Food Safety as defined in Company manuals

Sound knowledge of electronic cash transacting, and computerized bar system.

Average skills in tactful, diplomatic crisis and problem handling.

Demonstrated skills in one-on-one communications with Guests.

Proven ability to work in a harmonious productive team environment.


  • National Seaman's Book
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate including Swimming & Rowing
  • Security Awareness Training for all seafarers
  • Training of Passenger Ship Personnel
  • Medical certificate including Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Test
  • Vaccination certificates (Covid-19, Yellow fever, MMRV)

    Provide courteous, quick, and professional with a smile at all times and to all customers.

    Within the policies of the Company, be revenue-orientated at all times; propose the drinks, inform the guests about available promotions, convince them to accept your suggestions, motivate them to order another drink and give them the reason to return to your lounge.

    Use the correct garnishes for the drink presentation before serving to Guests.

    Record all sales on the Micros or other cashless register and properly maintain Guest checks.

    Advise the Bar Manager or Assistant Bar Manager if under-age minors (Guests) are suspected consuming alcohol at the bars.

    Ensure all Guest checks are compiled correctly and sorted by deck before handing these to the Bartender.
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