M.S Security & Personnel Ltd is hiring in Ukraine with our local representatives near you!! We are excited for you to sign up now, and ready to accept Maritime Security Professionals looking to grow their careers with one of the Biggest of Maritime Security Companies!! known for its high-ranking reputation and exceptional security Services. We are searching for motivated people who match our requirements to be joining the M.S Security group today!

Our selected security guards will get the opportunity to be working on Vessels such as Cruise, Ferries, Cargo, as well as special operations including Anti-Piracy. With the benefits of a high salary rate, easy schedules, and a variety of assignments Worldwide.

We will be checking:

  • language skills
  • technical skills
  • soft skills
  • professional experience
  • previous experience and references
  • personal attitude
  • physical and health condition ).
We invite both Male and Female candidates with a valid Military, Security or Police background with High Motivation to become into the best possible maritime Security Guard they can be.

Join us!
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